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Key Opinion Leaders

John F. Kay, PhD

A widely known and highly respected in the field of biomaterials research as an executive within the medical device industry focused on industry-leading medical device product development. John was responsible for management of global research activities, product development, regulatory, and clinical affairs for the likes of IsoTisOrthobiologics (once part of Integra LifeSciences), BioInterfaces Inc, Calcitek (now Zimmer Dental) and Wright Medical. Dr. Kay has concentrated his efforts in the research of osteobiologic products and the evaluation of new technologies. Dr. Kay received a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. His expertise in DBMs, calcium salt and ceramics technology allow him excellent insight into the significance of wide range of orthobiologic technologies and their clinical implications, as a Consultant in Biologics.

Prof Dr. Ir Sander Leeuwenburgh

Prof Dr. Ir Sander Leeuwenburgh studied Materials Science and Engineering at the Delft University of Technology and graduated from the Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry in 2001 (cum laude). From April 2001 until December 2005, he pursued a Ph.D. research project at the Department of Periodontology and Biomaterials at Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center where he now is Professor. Moreover, he is very active in the field of regenerative biomaterials and its community of experts.

Academic Support

Dr. Chris Arts PhD

Associate Professor of Translational Biomaterials at the TU/e research group Orthopaedic Biomechanics and at the Maastricht University Medical Centre where he heads the Laboratory for Experimental Orthopaedics.

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